Transporting art and emotions

Transporting art and emotions

Portan Art is exclusively devoted to offering professional art services. Our unit is focused on designing and building art crates, handling, packing and transporting artworks while having the safety of each piece as our main objective.

Portan Art is the newest business unit of Portan S.A., a relocation company with over 40 years of experience. Portan has been following the highest standards of professional ethics, quality, security on a strong financial basis in order to cater to the most demanding clients.


Professional Packaging

As part of our packing service we offer a variety of packing solutions according to what the client needs for his artworks.

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Art Handling and Art Transport

Our team pack and transport works of art paying attention to every detail.

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Additional Art Services

They are ready to help our clients care for their artworks performing repair operations to works that have already been damaged or providing knowledge and strategy as how to prevent harm to decorative arts and furniture.

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Customs formalities and regulations

Our team is ready to advice each client on the steps and formalities that must be followed in order to comply with Colombian customs requirements.

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The safety of your artworks
is a fundamental aspect
of our job.

We deliver prompt services,
so your artworks reach
their destination on time.

We understand the value
an importance
of each artwork.

Our team is available and ready to provide our clients with personalized and cordial service throughout the different stages of the process.

Our experiences

  • Blog post

    During the past few months, our team has been tirelessly working on one of our most important jobs. Along with a well-known and respected art institution, based in Sydney we have been doing our best to successfully finalize the export process of more than 15 art works to Australia.

  • Blog post

    We started this 2021 working on a very special project. We were chosen to carry out the export process of three artworks that need to be shipped to Shanghai, China. The pieces will be exhibited as part of the 13th Shanghai Biennale from April to June 2021.

Our professional packaging adds value to your artworks.