Professional Packaging

As part of our packing service we offer a variety of packing solutions according to what the client needs for his artworks.

All of the packing solutions we offer to our clients are designed first and foremost with providing safety for the artwork. Portan Art only uses the highest quality materials in the market. We use special materials, such as acid free paper or cardboard, that we know won’t harm or damage the art pieces when they come in direct contact with the work of art.

Portan Art offers diverse packing options according to the client’s budget, the necessities of the piece as well as handling and transportation requirements.

Soft packing

This kind of packaging is made with high quality products such as acid free paper, bubble wrap and cardboard. It is used for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces that do not require the construction of a wooden crate but that still need protection during their transport period. This kind of packaging is commonly used for pieces that will be delivered locally or domestically.

Standard wooden boxes

These standard crates are ideal for domestic shipping and even a local delivery, if the piece is large, fragile or delicate. Creating a simple crate for a delicate or large piece will ensure the safety of the work, as it will be protected and it’s handling will be safer.

Museum art crates

Our museum crates are the best option for protecting delicate and sensitive works. Each crate is custom made and built with certified wood in order to comply with international phytosanitary regulations. The museum crate is designed to provide impermeability, suspension and the outmost safety for the artwork. The inside of the museum crate is lined with foam for shock protection and polystyrene that works as a thermal insulator. All the crates have two external handles, two skids on the bottom of the crate, attached in longitudinal direction, made of solid wood. The exterior corners of the crate are covered with wooden battens one each on the front and back sides, at the top and bottom. This kind of crate can be built to accommodate different kinds of artworks and the interior lining is customized according to the specific requirements of the artwork and client.