Our experiences

As part of our portfolio, we have created a handling and packing art experience built exclusively to serve art auctions and fairs.

For this packing experience, Portan Art creates a stand and along with our professional art packing team we are present throughout the event. We provide all the packing material and at the end of the auction we will professionally and carefully pack all the art pieces that were sold during the event as well as the artworks that must be returned to the artists.

By trusting us with the handling and packing of your artworks, you can avoid damage to the pieces as you can completely trust that your works have been packed professionally and are thoroughly protected by the customized packaging that is designed to provide safety to the artwork.


May 2023


From Leticia Amazonas to New York

New York, USA

During the last week of may, part of our art team traveld to Leticia in the south end of Colombia, to handle and crate 6 art sculptures that were exported to New York.


Apr 2023


Museum Type Crates for Large Art Pieces


Our museum type crates were requested by a designer based in New York so he could safely transport his large format bronze works.


Mar 2023


Art Export Process


All of our export processes for artworks, require of carful planning carried out by our team.


Feb 2023


Soft Packing for local moves

Quito, Ecuador

Our soft packing is ideal for local moves, as it protects the pieces and allows for safe handling.


May 2021


We made it to Australia!

Sydney, Australia

During the past few months, our team has been tirelessly working on one of our most important jobs. Along with a well-known and respected art institution, based in Sydney we have been doing our best to successfully finalize the export process of more than 15 art works to Australia.


Mar 2021


13th Shanghai Biennale

Shanghai, China

We started this 2021 working on a very special project. We were chosen to carry out the export process of three artworks that need to be shipped to Shanghai, China. The pieces will be exhibited as part of the 13th Shanghai Biennale from April to June 2021.


Sep 2019


Brunch Barcú

Fundición Kabiros, Bogotá

During Bogota’s art week on the 19th of September, Portan Art spent a fantastic morning full of art and culture in a special event organized by Barcú, one of the local art fairs.


Sep 2019


Humboldt Forum.

Berlin, Germany

During the month of August the Portan Art team worked on a very important export process for more than 60 artworks. The majority of the pieces were national heritage works that were exhibited in Berlin on September 13th and 14th.


Jul 2019


Temporary art export - Conmemoración de los 250 años del Natalicio de Humboldt

Quito, Ecuador

During the second half of June Portan Art was continually working with the organizer of the exhibition in order to prepare the artworks of three internationally well-known artists.


May 2019


Silent Auction The American Society of Bogotá

JW Marriot Bogotá

On the 22nd of May 2019 Portan Art was present with its professional packing stand during The Night with the Arts, organized by The American Society of Bogota, in order to continue funding the society’s scholarship program.