Silent Auction Parent Teacher Association

Colegio Nueva Granada – Zona T

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On May 30th 2019 Portan Art was part of the silent auction held by the Parent Teacher Association of the Nueva Granada School. We participated with our celebrated handling and packing stand. The evening was a complete success as most of the artworks were sold. Our professional packing team work hard and throughout the night in order to present a variety of packing solutions for the clients and their newly acquired pieces.

We want to thank Portan Art for packing the artworks that were sold during the silent auction. Their professionalism, care and experience contributed to the satisfaction of our clients. They were positively surprised with the presentation of their newly acquired artworks once they received them at their homes. Without hesitation we would recommend Portan Art’s professional services. Overall, it was a fantastic partnership for the Association, and we hope we can continue working with them in the future.Dorette Beda Parent Teacher Association President Colegio Nueva Granada.

Portan Art’s help in the silent auction organized by the Parent Teacher Association of the Nueva Granada school was a success. People were impressed with the customized packaging for the artworks they purchased. Our clients were very pleased when they received their professionally packed works. They noticed how the art pieces were protected and in perfect conditions when they were delivered. nAs a member of the Association, and one of the organizers of the auction, we appreciated all the work Portan Art did during the event. We are thankful for their collaboration and this partnership. Their work was perfect, professional, neat and detailed; all the artworks were safely delivered which made us really happy. Thank you Portan Art for your work and this prosperous partnership.Cristina Aparicio Member of the Parent Teacher Association Colegio Nueva Granada


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